A Major Experience

Getty Images

Just a little warning this post features a heavy amount of self-promotion (as if you don’t expect that from a site called Paul on Sports).

Friday night I had the opportunity to cover my first Major League Baseball game between the New York Mets and the Atlanta Braves. I was freelancing for MLB.com and really enjoyed the whole experience.

It was certainly a different experience from covering college football. Figuring out what I was doing in an open clubhouse was a challenge initially, but the Mets’ writers were more than happy to point me in the right direction.

Not only did I do game coverage of the Mets 5-0 win, but former Met and Triple-A manager Wally Backman talked to the media about joining the coaching staff for the final 10 days of the season. You really get the feeling that Backman may in fact take over for Terry Collins as the Mets’ manager last year.

He spent about 10 minutes breaking down each of organization’s top prospects, and there’s no doubt that New York has the young pitching to compete for the next few years and with one big piece they could be the class of the National League East sooner than later.

Anyway here are the stories I wrote from Turner Field last night. Make sure to comment on them and tell MLB.com to never bring me back.



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