UPDATE: GT gets Cumberland 222-0 game ball after all

SCP Auctions

Update:The story of the 220-0 Cumberland game ball has a happy ending after all for Georgia Tech. It turns out that winning bid of $40,388 was placed by Tech alum Ryan Schneider, who told the AJC “It’s not mine. It’s for the school.”

This is truly the best outcome that AD Mike Bobinski and all Yellow Jacket fans could hope for. The historic game ball will be returned to the University, and Tech didn’t even have to open its wallet.

It does make you wonder though, if Schneider has and extra $40K for a game ball perhaps he and his buddies could get together to buyout head coach Paul Johnson if Tech continues to toil in mediocrity.

Original Post:

Georgia Tech Athletic Director Mike Bobinski said he would do his best to regain the game ball from the Yellow Jackets most famed victory, a 220-0 annihilation of Cumberland on October 7, 1916 on Grant Field.

That bid fell short when the auction closed on Sunday, with a winning bid of $40,388 for the ball.

The ball has belonged to the LA84 Foundation in California, inheriting it from sports collector Bill Schroeder after he died in 1987. The foundation is selling the ball as a fund-raiser according to the AJC.

Bobinski told the AJC when the auction opened he would do his best to get the ball back to Tech, or perhaps even in Atlanta’s new College Football Hall of Fame, but he couldn’t afford to get in a bidding war.

Sunday he posted on Twitter that GT did not place the winning bid for the ball.


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