Baylor brings instant replay to the fans

On Sunday, Aug. 31 Baylor University will open a new $260 million stadium against SMU. In an effort to combat the ever-growing appeal of the living room, Baylor has gone on the offensive Art Briles style to enhance the in-stadium experience for Bears fans.

The school announced on Monday that it has designed an in-game app, powered by a free in-stadium wifi network to bring instant replays, real-time stats and other info right to fans in the stadium on gameday.

“Fans will have access to video on their iPhones, iPads or Android devices, and they can watch the same program feed that is on the stadium video board, or they can choose from other cameras that will be streaming live all the time,” John Garrison, Associate Athletic Director for Marketing, Baylor University said in the press release.

Fans have become accustom to watching the game at home in HD, with replays galore, the ability to know the quarterback’s completion percentage prior to each play and up to the minute information.

Watching the game live, in-person doesn’t afford you the same experience. That’s exactly what Baylor is out to fix.

“It is like having your DVR remote on your phone where you can watch replays and highlights from your seat in the stadium,” Garrrison said of the app.

The atmosphere inside a stadium on gameday still can’t be beat in my opinion. Yet you can’t help but feel like being at the stadium puts you at a disadvantage from the the television viewer from time to time. Even at pro stadiums I’ve often lamented the lack of replays on the jumbotron, but especially at college games.

With Baylor’s in-game app fans now have the ability to pull up the replay on their phone and watch it as many times as they want.

College fans will always flock to campus for big games, but when a Conference USA squad rolls into town schools need to do everything they can to make sure the couch doesn’t look like a more appealing option on a Saturday afternoon.

Baylor is taking the right steps to combat the big screen, lets just hope other schools follow its lead.


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