Could Mack Brown replace Corso?

ESPN Images

Hornsdigest and Texas insider Chip Brown reported on Sunday night that former Longhorns’ coach Mack Brown has agreed to terms with ESPN to be a studio analyst this fall.

Brown will likely ease into the role with studio appearances throughout the week on College Football Daily and some halftime breakdowns. But it’s not out of the realm of possibilities that Brown could very soon join Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit on the set of College Gameday.

Lee Corso’s tenure at ESPN is winding down after a 2009 stroke, and Brown seems like an ideal candidate to replace Corso. Brown is an affable former coach, and by all accounts was great with the media throughout his career at Texas and North Carolina. Thanks to the Longhorn Network, you know he can handle himself in a studio setting.

His personality and insight as a former coach would make the transition a smooth one. David Pollack is great on Gameday, and thankfully SEC Nation will ensure Paul Finebaum stays far away from the show, but once Corso is gone will be a role to fill on Saturday’s fall wake-up show.

Replacing the man who has donned mascot heads every Saturday since 1996 will be an enviable task, but Brown is smooth enough to pull it off. I’m not sure if he will keep the headgear gag going, but Brown has a sense of humor, he’s achieved at the sport’s highest level, and he’s pals with Matthew McConaughey– what more could you want?


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