Who received the most Twitter hate on NSD?

Mike Lewis & Manish Tripathi, Emory 2014

The guys over at Emory Sports Marketing Analytics took a look at how each of ESPN’s top 30 recruits were impacted on Twitter in the last seven days. The post said that the authors couldn’t locate Twitter accounts for Dalvin Cook or Juju Smith so they were excluded.

As expected the guys who announced on Signing Day where they were going received the largest volume of tweets.

The guy who received the most negative tweets was running back  Leonard Fournette. ESPN’s top-rated player elected to stay in-state and play for LSU. He received 418 negative tweets.

Not far behind was cornerback Adoreé Jackson, who received 404 negative tweets after selecting Southern Cal. Part of that may not have been Jackson’s fault though, thanks to a premature profile being posted by LSU saying he was a Tiger. Jackson also received the most positive tweets with 2,728, and the most tweets overall the last week with 7,488.

The only guy who didn’t receive negative tweets was Alabama running back Tony Brown. Which is how it should be. If you tweet negative things at a 17-year old kid because he didn’t choose to go to the school you root for (I’m not saying your school because the likelihood is that if you pressed send on a message like this you didn’t actually attend said school) then you need to step away from the phone because you’re kind of a disgusting creep.


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