Five Christmas Gifts That Prove College Football Rules The World

With the Christmas season coming to an end, I take a look at five gifts I saw this season that prove College Football really does rule the world.

5. Florida State themed pasta salad

Photo from @tiptap007

Photo from @tiptap007

That’s right, garnet and gold pasta salad, with a gameday vinaigrette. This bad boy includes three different recipes, one for each phase of the game.

It’s a little hard to make out what exactly the actual pasta is in the shape of, but let’s hope it’s not Tommy Wright’s face. Hopefully it’s just little footballs and things like that.

This one was shared with me by Tap Cathcart on Twitter, so thank you sir. I hope the pasta salad tastes like victory.

4. SEC coloring books

photo(2)My fiancée’s little cousins opened these bad boys the day I arrived in Alabama for quick Christmas visit.

You can either choose to stay inside the lines with Alabama’s Al the Elephant or Georgia’s UGA. Unfortunately the Georgia book did not teach the kids about which knee ligament is which, it would be a valuable lesson for Dawg fans after this seasons.

The family is a split household of both Auburn and Alabama fans, so the kids decided they would just give Al an Auburn jersey on a couple of pages.

No word on how many class credits you get at SEC schools for successfully staying inside the lines in an entire book.

3. Florida Gators crock-pot

1537648_10104553828822351_1564469422_oThis cooking device popped up on Facebook feed courtesy of a two-time Florida graduate.

As you can see it’s designed to mirror the Gators’ helmet. I like to imagine that when the timer goes off it’s just Will Muschamp screaming boom!

I don’t think there is a gift that better represents Florida’s offensive philosophy. The food from crock-pots are slow developing, generally bland and more often than not disappointing.

2. Cotton Bowl tickets

This one was featured on Deadspin, but it’s worth a look if you haven’t seen it yet.

A Missouri fan’s father opens up tickets (sounds like he’s an Alabama fan) and pretends that they’re Sugar Bowl tickets, but uh-oh turns out these tickets are for some game in Dallas. That’d be the Cotton Bowl, you know the game with Missouri and Oklahoma State?

The Tigers’ fan reacts with a “Are you shittin’ me?!?” Pretty awesome reaction, and a nice gift from his family, even if you can grab tickets for as low as $29 according to SeatGeek.

1. BCS Championship tickets

Of course the most popular gift I saw this Christmas season on my social media pages were tickets to the BCS National Championship game between Florida State and Auburn in Pasadena, Calif.

The tickets pictured to the left are from my buddies Instagram page. He wasn’t the only one I saw posting pictures of their tickets on social media (shout out to @BigGuy21 who sent me pic of his tickets on twitter).

The cheapest pair of tickets online as of Sunday December 29 are listed at $450 each.  There’s no better gift to an Auburn or FSU fan than the chance to see your team compete for championship in person.

There’s not as many reaction videos on Youtube for Championshp tickets this year, and nothing close to last year’s winner (an Alabama fan’s father freaking out).

Here is this year’s winner so far is Collin, an Auburn fan freaking out that his parents got him tickets.


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