ESPN Offers Six Ways to watch the BCS Title Game

BCS Command Center on ESPN Goal Line- ESPN

ESPN announced on Thursday that it plans to unveil a “BCS Megacast” for it’s coverage of the National Championship game on January 6 between Florida State and Auburn. Viewers will be able to choose from six different ESPN broadcasts of the title game from Pasadena, Calif.

The traditional broadcast of the game will be available on ESPN, with Brent Musberger and Kirk Herbstreit on the call.


ESPN2 will feature “BCS Title Talk”, with ESPN analysts, celebrities and coaches giving their reaction in real-time to the game. ESPNNews will have an Xs and Os breakdown called “BCS Film Room”, ESPN Classic will have a natural sounds broadcast called “Sounds of the BCS”, while ESPN Goal Line will have split-screen of live shots and replays to go with the ESPN Radio broadcast of the game called “BCS Command Center”.

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Online at ESPN3 there will be four different options. There will be team-specific broadcasts that will feature each school’s radio call (Gene Deckerhoff for FSU and Rod Bramblett for Auburn), as well as isolated cameras on that school’s sideline.

ESPN3 will also feature some lame options as well, including “BCS Campus Connection” showing live fan reactions from each school’s town and the above camera angle called the “BCS SpiderCam”.

“BCS Megacast takes our previous multiplatform telecasts to the next level,” said Norby Williamson, ESPN executive vice president, programming & acquisitions in a release. “We realized it would be a tremendous undertaking to coordinate so many coverage variations of the same game when we began brainstorming ideas in September. The exciting part is how much the original idea has grown in the past few months.”


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