Ed Orgeron: America’s interm head coach

USA Today Sports Images

Now that we know Ed Orgeron won’t be the full-time head coach at Southern Cal with the hiring of Washington head coach Steve Sarkisian, it’s time to figure out what’s next for Coach O.

Orgeron led USC to a 6-2 record as the interim head coach after Lane Kiffin was fired. According to ESPN he was “outraged” when he didn’t get the job permanently and resigned immediately. Offensive Coordinator Clay Helton will coach the Trojans in the bowl game.

When Orgeron met with his USC team one final time, it was an emotional ending to an up-and-down season. There were tears from Orgeron, and the players, as he said an emotional goodbye before returning home to New Orleans with his family.

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The rumor mill immediately began to swirl about where Coach O would end up next. Florida Atlantic and Wake Forest were both rumored to be possible destinations for the former Ole Miss head coach. Nothing has come to fruition just yet, and Bruce Feldman has already ruled out FAU as an actual possibility.

At Ole Miss Oregron was 10-25 as the head coach, but his job turning things around for USC this season and his reputation as a recruiter have made him a head coaching commodity once again. But I’ve got another idea for Oregon.

Instead of becoming a head coach of another fledgling program, Coach O should become America’s All-Time interim head coach.  College football’s SuperNanny if you will.

In his second go-round as a head coach, Orgeron basically did the opposite of everything he did in Oxford, Miss. He brought cookies back to the training table, had Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles catered, brought back former Trojan legends, gave assistant coaches more control over playing time, and most importantly he made football fun again for USC.

The players bought in. Big time. As the Trojans played more freely, the wins piled up and so did the victory parades for Oregon after each game. So when he wasn’t named the next head coach at USC the disappointment was understandable, as is Orgeron’s desire to be a full-time head coach at another program.

But the reality is that college football and America need Orgeron the interim head coach more than they need Orgeron the head coach. Imagine the joy he could bring going school to school and making football fun  again for seniors who have just had the man that recruited them to a University fired.

Football is all about the all-mighty dollar these days, but with Orgeron traveling the country making it fun again, then perhaps the sport could gain back something it’s lost along the way.

So I’m sorry Coach O, I just can’t let you accept a head coaching job anywhere just yet, America needs you as its interim head coach.

I wonder if Mack Brown has any room on his staff for an energetic Cajun defensive line assistant?…


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