History of the Headgear

This is a pretty cool video from ESPN on how Lee Corso ended up starting every College Football Saturday with a mascot head.

There’s no question that Corso isn’t the same after a 2009 stroke, but his passion is still undeniable. Gameday’s commercials rank right up there with SportsCenter for some of the best in sports and Corso is a big part of that.

It’s pretty obvious that the Sunshine Scooter’s TV days are numbered, but I just hope that everyone can appreciate his final picks the next couple of seasons and all that Corso has done for college football.

FYI he’s 23-11 when picking a team with a feline mascot and 0-5 when he goes canine per Chris Fowler.


2 thoughts on “History of the Headgear

  1. It hurts me to watch him struggle through his bad days, but when he’s sharp, he’s still one of the most entertaining personalities in college football.

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