B.J. Upton vs. the Twitter Trolls

AP Photo/David Goldman

After another frustrating night at the plate, Atlanta Braves outfielder B.J. Upton took some extra swings on Saturday night in St. Louis.

But the struggling outfielder didn’t take these swings inside a batting cage, but rather on Twitter. Upton, who is hitting .182 for the year after going 0-for-3 with two strikeouts Saturday, first voiced his disdain for Twitter Thugs. Upton posted “I love twitter thugs” sarcastically.

Then he decided to go after individual users, who clearly have spent their Saturday evenings sending some less than stellar posts Upton’s way.

Upton took a few more swings at some other posters before finally signing off a little after 1 a.m. ET.


I can only imagine the things that Upton has been sent this year after singing such a massive contract and producing the way he has. In fact I’m surprised it’s taken him this long to lash out.

With the exception of a few outbursts here and there towards umpires, I really think Upton has handled the adversity of this season pretty well. Even tonight as he blew off some steam and called out Twitter users, he never really crossed the line. There was no profanity on his end and all he did was question the profile picture choices of users with an average of about 500 followers.

Is it a bit childish? Yes. But it’s not the worst thing he could have done.

But here’s the thing about Twitter Trolls B.J., they’re like zombies. Sometimes the shot fired to take a few out only attracts a few thousand more. From my quick searches tonight it would appear the internet did what it does best, bring all the crazy to everyone. More trolls came after Upton and then plenty of trolls went cannibal on his haters (fingers crossed they’re his motivators).

In the end did anyone win? No. The trolls got some online recognition to fuel them for at least another month and guess what? Upton isn’t giving back any of that $75 million.

Let’s just hope that those extra swings on Saturday night lead to some hits on Sunday as the Braves try to avoid being swept by the Cardinals.


2 thoughts on “B.J. Upton vs. the Twitter Trolls

  1. Fighting with Twitter trolls is a worthless undertaking.

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