Welcome to the Blog!

Hey everyone, I just wanted to welcomed you to my new blog.

Some quick background for those of you who aren’t Facebook friends I shamelessly guilted into clicking on this blog, My name is Paul Thomas and I’ve spent the last six years covering Florida State athletics for a few different publications, including the Tallahassee Democrat, the Miami Herald and most recently at Warchant.com.

But after a run in Tallahassee that would have made Van Wilder (or should I say Bert Kreischer?) proud, I’ve moved to the Atlanta, Georgia to be with my fiancee´. She goes to Emory Law and I’ve tricked her into thinking I’ll be a real grownup who doesn’t play Call of Duty some day (if you give girls diamonds they’ll believe anything).

I’m just freelancing here and there for the moment  so I’ve created this blog to not just give me something to do between Breaking Bad episodes, but to have a place to share my thoughts on the sports and entertainment world. I’ll mostly focus on college spots, Atlanta’s pro teams and the Jacksonville Jaguars (yeah I actually like the Jaguars).

I’ll have my first post up shortly. Right after I decide if I like Yeezus or not, so it could be a while.


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